Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Health Benefits

Recently scientists and universities have tirelessly researched the health benefits of Montmorency red tart cherries. Their findings have been consistent with what we have been hearing from our customers for years, that tart cherries have many healing and health promoting properties. While not intended to be used as a drug, tart cherries may help provide you with all-natural solutions to some of your health concerns.

Read some of the headlines and then click on the links on the bottom of this page to read the full articles. You will be amazed at the research and effort that has been put into verifying the health claims of the Montmorency red tart cherry. After are what you eat, and you can eat your way to a healthier you.

mmmm cherries Here's what a few of the links found below are saying:

About pain:
...researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 54 runners who ran the Oregon Hood to Coast relay race and covered an average of 26.3 km over a 24-hour period ... "While both groups reported increased pain after the race, the cherry juice group reported a significantly smaller increase in pain . . . compared to the placebo group."

"Significantly smaller"? It may be hard to quantify pain, but you may not be running a marathon and yet have a great deal of pain. This article suggested that a little juice may go a long way.

About sleep:
A glass of tart cherry juice first thing in the morning and last thing before bed may benefit sleep patterns, suggests a new study.

Seems like a new idea that cherries can actually do something for those with insomnia! Is it worth a try?

About weight loss, and more:
Inflammation, body fat, weight gain and blood cholesterol all lower in rats fed cherries on top of high-fat, Western-style diet.
University of Michigan Health Systems

Rats may not be humans, but if you read more on what many of these sites are saying, there certainly is more than an implied possibility of benefits for us. Imagine what this means for you versus "inflammation, body fat, weight gain and blood cholesterol"!

About joint health:
Anthocyanins [antioxidents - chemicals that in this case also make cherries red] have potential anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects on AIA [adjuvant-induced arthritis].
U.S. National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health

Again, more tests on rats, but we won't discount the results of what the U.S. National Library of Medicine is finding in their research. This is just one more report that suggests benefits from cherries.

Feeling great eating cherries:
If you suffer from gout or arthritis, you owe it to yourself to try the therapeutic use of cherries.

This article may be the most interesting to you on the benefits of cherries and the health of your feet and ankles.

Please take the time to read more about cherries, the research being done and how tart cherries can benefit you:

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