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What is the Cooler?

coolerGlimps1The Red Barn has become well-known throughout the state as Utah's fruit stop. We have always taken pride in the fact that most of our fruit is grown, harvested, and packed right here in Utah Valley. Because of the importance that we place on the quality of our fruit, we abhor the thought of our beautiful, flavorful, fresh fruit sitting on a room temperature shelf becoming soft and mealy. That's where the cooler comes in. The cooler is a big refrigerated room where the temperature is always kept at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. We store all of our fresh fruit in the cooler, greatly enhancing its quality. It allows the fruit to keep its fresh texture and flavor, while waiting to be consumed. We invite you to come cool off and taste for yourself the Red Barn Cooler difference!

What is in the Cooler at the Red Barn right now?

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